Don't let the weather prevent you from getting to the 27 yard line. Now you can practice around the clock with the

AAA-27 yard shooter develops wall chart to help you learn how to win at home.

About the Chart:

New, Now available

10 ft wide by 36 in high Wall Chart from the new Championship grounds at Sparta Illinois is now available. See the new chart here.

For you shooters that do not have the room for the larger chart are smaller versions available:

8 ft x 30 inch for $150 US includes shipping
6 ft by 30 inch at $125 US includes shipping
53 inch by 16 inch at $75 US includes shipping

I can get up to two or more charts in one box, save the shipping charges on the second one, (to the same shipping address).

The "new" Wall Chart is a digital photo quality picture of trap 2 b at the World Championship background in Sparta Illinois. It is a huge wall mural that is 36 inches high and 10 feet wide (also available in the smaller 8 foot width, 30" high). When you stand 13 feet from the ten foot wide chart, the moves you make are the same as shooting 16 yards. You stand 24 feet from it to duplicate the 27 yard line.

On the smaller 8 foot wide model the chart can be used as close as 10' for 16 yards and back to 19' for 27 yards. The six foot chart is used from the same distance as the 8 foot chart. The New 53 inch model can be used from 6 feet back to about 12 feet from the wall it is on.

Each target has a lead mark to teach the proper leads required to hit the target. There are 13 targets on the chart with their corresponding leads. There are two lower targets for working on the first shot in doubles drills.

  The chart comes with a detailed but easy to follow 21 page write up with some pictures on how to use the wall chart system. The chart is very durable and will not easily rip or tear. The charts are produced by a digital printer on banner material which is reinforced vinyl and will stand up to any kind of weather. 

  Twenty-one shooters that made last years All-American teams use the Wall Chart.

Click here to see the lead marks close up

The charts are produced by a digital printer on banner material which is reinforced vinyl and will stand up to any kind of weather.

Who uses the chart:

Why use the chart?
Almost everyone of the top shooters that put on trap shooting clinics recommend you do a lot of gun lifts at home.

I developed this method because I was running retriever field trials years ago and had no time to practice. I found I could get great results with hardly any practice. I have over 300 one hundred straights at 16 yards (25 of them were in 2005) and 8 All Ontario Championships. I can stay AAA27AA just dry firing at home and shooting competition. Most people know how to lead each target but cannot make the correct move often enough to win. This corrects your bad moves, gives you a smooth swing and the proper muscle memory to make the shot.

How much does the chart cost?
For the cost of 3 flats of shells you can take your shooting to new highs The cost of the 10 ft Wall Chart System - Sparta Illinois is $ 175 US. each includes shipping. If you would like to order one please email me. Please allow two weeks for delivery.

Dry fire Chart

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